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Marion Werle

This is a plea for people attempting to contact potential DNA matches,
family or people interested in the same region, surname or whatever.
If you are contacting strangers, whether DNA matches or "landsmen",
please give your full name, kit number or DNA user name and introduce
yourself and state what you want, giving some context to the request.
For example, "You posted about the xxxx family on the JewishGen
mailling list, or Facebook, or whatever, and I also have relatives
from that town and would like information on such-and-such." I am not
generally a suspicious person, but I am wary of random people
contacting me and giving next to no information about themselves, but
wanting me to help them with something which I am supposed to
understand intuitively. If you found me through the JGFF, let me know,
or through FTDNA or Gedmatch or whatever.

I got an email today >from someone who said he knew me >from JewishGen
and wanted to know if I was still "in the genealogy". This person's
email address only gave a first name, although I was able to figure
out his surname through Google. I was a bit wary, and have gone back
and forth with him a few times, still trying to figure out what he is
asking ("it was a big project and you did it, how?") - I have no idea
what project he is talking about. As it turns out, he asked me a
question about something in which I have done next to no research, so
it is still a mystery how he found me or thought I could assist him.

I am almost always willing to help people and find potential cousins,
or at least point people in the right direction if I don't know the
answer myself. But you can't assume that people you contact know what
you are talking about if you don't introduce yourself and meet them
half way. It is always delicate contacting people you don't know, and
you don't want to seem like a stalker.

Marion Werle

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