JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen RE: Woman's Yiddish name "Tzesha" or "Czesza" #general

Alexander Sharon


Actual Polish name is Czesia, [cheh shia] a diminutive form of Czeslawa (the
female version of the male name Czeslaw). One of the numerous old Slavic
names associated with the glory (slava).

I don't believe there is direct Hebrew equivalent to Czeslawa.

There is often no correlation between adopted Polish names and their Hebrew
or Yiddish variations.

As Jewish kids in Poland have been introduced to the Gentile world, they
have adopted Gentile names. Life was just easier to became one of the crowd.

I recall my good friend Chaim became known as Heniek (little Henry), but as
he made Aliya, he became again Chaim.


Alexander Sharon
Calgary, AB

From: Tsiporah Trom

Does anyone know the origin of the Yiddish name "Tzesha" for a woman ?
What would be the meaning to this name? Its Hebrew equivalent?

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