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Dick Plotz <rplotz@...>

I am posting this for George Fogelson, who is temporarily unable to
send plain text mail. Please send any responses intended for George to
me, and I will forward them to him.

Dick Plotz

In the 1897 Lomza census listed on JRI-Poland Liba and Juszk CHOROSUCH
are listed with their four children: Chajka, Perla, Icek, and Abram.

I would like suggestions on how to find information on what happened
to three of the children Liba and Joseph CHOROSUCH, whether they
married, immigrated to the US, or had children:

Pearl (Perla) CHOROSUCH born 1890 (date an approximate >from the 1897 census)

Isaac (Icek) CHOROSUCH born 1894 (date an approximate >from the 1897 census)

Abraham *Abram) CHOROSUCH 1896 (date an approximate >from the 1897 census)

I am also trying to find information about a child born after the 1897
Lomza census:


Any suggestions on how to proceed or any information you can locate
would be greatly appreciated.

Los Angeles

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