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I'm looking for a *full* translation of this death entry for Scheindel
GERTLER >from the 1910 Boryslaw records. It is on ViewMate at the
following address:

The full record can be found here, record #54, 3rd line down:
[or --Mod.]

There is some confusion about Scheindel's last name, so please translate
*all* information just in case there are other clues to be had...

Elsewhere she is said to be "KAMERMAN" because she was born in Komarno &
to distinguish her >from another Scheindel Gertler, but other Wolanka
Kammerman/Kammermann descendants have never heard of any GERTLERs & don't
think they were >from Komarno. But Wolanka was very small, they all
emigrated at similar times to the same place & went into the same
business, first names are all the same, etc., so I bet we are all
related... Maybe you can help me prove it!

Also, this is my first known instance of endogamy, and I am trying to
tease out how she and her husband were related, but so far no records
can be found to say who their families might have been.

Please respond via the form provided in the ViewMate application so the
information is saved there.

Thanks in advance.

Juliana Berland

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