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Melody Schloss

I researching my daughter-in-law=E2=80=99s genealogy. I am looking for some
reliable substantiating or refuting of the family claim of descent >from Rabbi Moshe
Isserles, the ReMA, and Rabbi Shlomo Yitzchaki RASHI.

Her line (that I know) includes the following: 3rd great grandparents:
Rabbi Todros Yacil TICKTIN and Gold REIZEL
4th great grandparents: Rabbi Moshe Nachum TICKTIN and Itka Chenia COHEN/CAHANA
5th great grandparents:Rabbi Shaul ben Yehoshua Heshel TICKTIN and Bat Yakov Yukil
Ish HOROWITZ (I do not know her given name)
5th great grandparents: Rabbi Chaim Moshe Aryeh COHEN/CAHANA and ???
6th great grandparents: Rabbi Yehoshua Heshil ben Efraim Fischel TICKTIN and ????
6th great grandparents: Yakov Yukil halevi Ish HOROWITZ (of Vilkaviskis)
and Reizil MIRKES

Can anyone be of any assistance in where to find information on this line?

Thank you
Melody Schloss
California USA

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