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Logan J. Kleinwaks

This is a brief summary of Kutno documents that I recently examined
and, unless otherwise noted, photographed at the Kutno branch of AP
Plock. Several have significant Jewish genealogical content. The
documents have not yet been indexed and I am not able to respond to
lookup requests. I will try to distribute the images to people who
can organize indexing, provided we receive the necessary permission,
and a full announcement should follow when indexing is complete.
Thanks very much to the archivists in Kutno for their generous

1796 census of Kutno Jews and associated documents, showing families
with ages (patronymics, essentially no surnames),

1926-1927 Kutno Jewish births, marriages, and deaths, generally with
ages and parents' names (including mothers' maiden names),

1831-1832 Kutno Jewish marriage documents in narrative form, at least
some (all?) of which do not appear in the indexed marriage records for
this period on JRI-Poland >from FHL microfilm 730043,

1799-1805 documents concerning Kutno Jewish "legitimations scheinen"
with a small number of names, including surnames and ages,

c. 1799 documents concerning Kutno Jewish marriage concessions,
apparently no information about specific marriages,

1808, 1816 lists of Kutno citizens regarding voting rights, apparently
very few if any Jews,

1807-1808 documents concerning the oath of allegiance to Frederick
Augustus, apparently very few if any Jews,

I also examined and, which contain documents from
the civil registry office >from 1863-1928, but did not see any Jewish
content and did not photograph them.

Logan Kleinwaks
near Washington, D.C.

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