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Krzysztof Witaszek

While researching my family which is Polish, I encountered the fact
that my grandfather's cousin Aleksander Sawinski (born 1894), living
that time with his wife Maria in Wieliczka (Poland) hid some Jewish
people during the war.

What I learned recently: those Jews were corresponding with Aleksander
after the war, till late 60's. The next owner of Aleksander's house
looked into the letters that were left by Aleksander in the attic,
but unfortunately destroyed them later. What he remembers is that the
name was Aszkenazy (or Ashkenazy) and that they came >from NY state.
Inside they expressed thanks for saving their lives. The letters were
written in Polish by a man with "typical Jewish name" as well as from
other members of the family.

I learned also that some group of Jews >from US, before the year 2007
visited the house in Wieliczka, where Aleksander lived during the war
and tried to ask the current owner whether he knew what occurred in that
house during the war, but because of the language barrier they did not
understand each other very well.

Aleksander and his wife died in 1983 and they had no children. They
did not talk about those events with my grandmother, who had some
contact with them. Aleksander's wife's family also knows very little
about it. I am trying to shed some light on it, and I would be very
thankful for any help or advice on how to find this Aszkenazy family.

I looked in the Yad Vashem database and I have found on the list of
Jews who survived >from Wieliczka ("List of Jewish survivors >from Wieliczka
who returned to their place of residence >from before the war during
the first half of 1945") only one Aszkenazy (Dawid, born 1906, former
merchant and widower). I don't know whether the hidden Jews were from
Wieliczka or >from somewhere else, so I don't know if this was the

I appreciate any help you can offer.

Best regards

Krzysztof Witaszek
Lublin, Poland

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