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Dear Members;

We are searching for information about the Czwal (now Schwall) family.
They lived in Rzeszow (Reisha) around 1900. The father was David, who
married Regina Messer. David had a small business, probably a store of
some sort. David and Regina had four children, Samuel, Benjamin, Maria
(Manya) and Etka (Esther?).

David brought his oldest son, Samuel, to Boston around 1900, but
returned to Rzeszow with his son after a short period. Samuel later
went to Boston alone as a teen aged boy and became a US citizen in
1912. Another son, Benjamin, studied medicine in Vienna and served as a
physician in the Kaiser's army during WW1, spending some time in
Bratislava. The site of his later medical practice is not known.
Around 1939/1940, he said he was going to flee into Russia and he was
not heard >from again. The daughter Manya (Maria) served as a nurse
during WW1 and was given a medal for distinguished service in Vienna in
1915. She married and moved to Berlin, where her husband, Josef
Fleischer, was an insurance agent. Manya resumed nursing at the Jewish
Hospital in Berlin during the late 1930's, at which time she sent their
only child, Lucy, to live with Samuel's family in Boston. She and her
husband came to the US in 1941, via Portugal. Almost nothing is known
about the younger Czwal daughter, Etka (Esther?), who was not heard from
after this time.

David and Regina Czwal may have come into Rzeszow >from an outlying
area. We wonder if they modified the family name because we can find no
records of any Czwals. The descendants of Samuel Czwal (Schwall) would
very much appreciate any information you may be able to provide.

Thank you.
Lois Schwall

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