Re: LANGINGER, BAUMOEL, DISTENFELD from Sambor, Lvov, Buczach #galicia

Alexander Sharon <a.sharon@...>

Hi Jeff,

Langiners >from Sambor:

Name, Initial, Occupation, Town, District, Street Address

Langiner, Ch. Haberdasher (outfitter) Sambor Sambor Zamkowy, plac
Langiner, M. Haberdasher (outfitter) Sambor Sambor Przemyska
Langinger, S. Paint Store Sambor Sambor Kopernika

Baumoels (slightly different spelling variations >from Sambor and vicinity)

Baumoehl, S variety stores/sundries Schodnica Drohobycz
Baumohl, J Flour sale Sambor Sambor
Baumol, J Agricultural products Sambor Sambor
Baumwohl, P General store Medenice Drohobycz

This information has been published in BDS&V (Boryslaw, Drohobycz, Sambor)
regional research group as extracted >from Poland 1929 Business Directory

Bumoel have been probably also residing in Stryj. At least there is several
listing for this surname in Lvov Ghetto database at:


Alexander Sharon

I am searching for any info about Chaim LANGINGER, his oldest daughter,
Miriam and her husband - Yehoshua BAUMOEL. All killed in the Holocaust.

Also searching for information on the DISTENFELD family >from Sambor, Lvov,

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