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Traude Triebel

Dear David Dubin,

Of course I know the problem with Julian vs. Gregorian calendar, thought about it

In a nutshell:
The original date for the birthday is the Hebrew date and **only** the Hebrew
date (!) and this is, as we read on the Torawimpel - the 1 Marcheshwan 522.
Now you can convert this 1 Marcheshwan in any calender you want, so if you
convert it in the Julian calendar it is the 18 October, in Gregorian calendar
the 29 October (!), if you convert it in the Coptic calendar it would be the
21 Paape 1478 etc.

So, we'll get:
01. Marcheshwan 522 = 18 October 1761 (Julian calendar) = 29 Oktober 1761
(Gregorian calendar) **and** this the conversion on the basis of the correct
source-date (the Hebrew date 1 Marcheshwan).

It would be a methodical mistake if we convert the common date (like 8 November
etc.) and then try to calculate which Hebrew date this would be:

11. Marcheshwan 522 = 28 October 1761 (Julian calendar) = 08 November 1761
(Gregorian calendar) **But: Akiba Eger was born on 1 Marcheshwan 522 and not on
11 Marcheshwan.

Please consider, that the Hebrew date (every Hebrew date and the Jewish
calendar) has not changed (was not adapted) when the Julian calendar was changed
to the Gregorian calendar.

Apart >from the basic question how reasonable it is to convert a Hebrew date in
the Julian calendar in 1761 (in a time, when in Pressburg and Eisenstadt and in
this region the Gregorian calendar was in use).

Traude Triebel
A-2700 Wr.Neustadt

David Dubin wrote:

Is it possible that the discrepancy is simply the difference between the
Gregorian and Julian dates? Ten days apart is about right.
Traude Triebel wrote:
The Austrian Jewish Museum in Eisenstadt made a new hot announcement!
Sensational discovery! The Torah wimpel for the famous Rabbi Akiba
Eger - we can ultimately prove that he was born on 1 Cheshvan 522 = 29
October 1761 (and **not** as most sources claim on 8 November).

His brother Samuel was not born in 1755, but - as we reed in the
Pinkas MILA (circumcision register, Mohel book) - in 1762!

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