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Alan L. Reische <AREISCHE@...>

FindaGrave has linked me to images of the graves and headstones of my
g/grandfather and g/grandmother. Those graves are said to be in Washington
Cemetery, Brooklyn. The English names and dates of death are clearly shown on
the headstones. When I check with cemetery offices, they are unable to find
any listing in their records under the names Simon or Miriam Reische.
Furthermore, when I apply to the Bureau of Vital Statistics for death
certificates in those names for the listed years of death - 1927 and 1932
respectively - no records can be found under those names and those years.

I suppose FindaGrave may have mistakenly listed the wrong cemetery, but their
headstones clearly indicate years of death and still there is no Vital
Statistic death certificate. Are records for those years known to be
incomplete? Was there any exemption >from the requirement that a death
certificate be a prerequisite for interment? Are there other possible
explanations for this omission I'm overlooking?

Thanks as always for willingness to make suggestions. If this is not of
general interest, Genners can respond privately to

Alan L. Reische, Esq.
Manchester NH 03104 USA

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