JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Viewmate: Did my great-grandfather Dawid RUSS have a sister? #general

David Scriven

I have a genealogical query that I would like some independent opinions
on. It concerns the RUSS family of Drohobycz & Boryslaw.

Until recently, all I knew of my grandfather Dawid RUSS's family was that
his father was called Eli (translation >from Hebrew); he was a wealthy
landowner and lived in Drohobycz (ca. 1906; all >from his son-in-law's
autobiography). With the release of the 1916 marriage records, I found
that Dawid had a brother, Jakob and, by comparison to an 1894 record,
possibly a sister.

All the that follows is gleaned >from various records:

Dawid RUSS, born ca. 1861 in Lancut,PL,parents: Ela and Chaji RUSS
Jakob RUSS, born ca.1869 in Boryslav,UA, parents: Ela and Chaji RUSS
Cipre Pessel RUSS, born ca.1866 in Boryslav,UA, parents: Elias RUSS

Extracts >from David & Jakob's records (in Polish) at

Extract >from Cipre Pessel records (in German) at

Outside of the extracts, I also found:

Elias RUSS (so written) is a witness on the record of Cipre-Pessel's
first child (1885)

Dawid RUSS (I recognize the signature) is a witness on the record of
Cipre-Pessel's third child (1888)

There is a signature of a Jacob RUSS (first name so spelt, surname
uses long German s) as witness to the father's acknowledgement of
parentage on two of the children's birth records born before the civil
marriage (the third had died)

An Elias RUSS, married landowner, died on 9 Dec 1915 in Drohobycz
at the age of 73 (birth ca. 1842) - he would have been old enough to
have fathered the three.

In the son-in-law's book it states that Eli Russ gained his wealth
through oil being discovered on his land (presumably in Boryslaw) and
prior to his move to Drohobycz.

Clearly, the mother's name could be the same, but is Ela RUSS, the same
person as Eli/Elias RUSS and is it likely that Cipre-Pessel, is Dawid and
Jakob's sister?

David Scriven,
Vancouver, B.C.

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