JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Offering NYC Cemetery visits - Zion, Hebron, Montefiore, Lebanon, more #general

A. E. Jordan

I am going to be doing a new round of cemetery visits and I am happy to take
photos for anyone who knows a particular grave they want to have a picture.

I am definitely going to be doing Mt. Lebanon in Queens as well as Mount Hebron,
Mount Zion and Old Monetifore. All in Queens, New York. Since I will be in
what is known as the cemetery belt I will consider others as well such as Mt.
Carmel and Mt. Judah.

What I ask is that you have the details of the grave. Some of the cemeteries
have online databases where you can locate the specific grave. Otherwise I
need and name and dates specifically enough to be able to identify the correct

Please don't send a request for Moshe Cohen who died sometime in the 1930s and
I think he might be in Hebron or .... You can understand there are going to
be a lot of people who fit a vague description like that.

I am happy to photograph family plots and often if when I get to the grave I
find more people with the same family name I photograph them just in case.
Easier t take al lthe photos then having to make two trips.

I do appreciate a few dollars in return to help off set the expense of doing
this and making it possible for me to keep helping everyone.

Email me off list and I am happy to discuss what I can do. Feel free to ask
about any of the NYC area cemeteries including Long Island. I am happy to do
just about any of them when there are enough requests ... I don't however do
Bayside in Queens because of the safety and security issues. Some day I hope
that changes.

Allan Jordan

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