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Suzan Wynne <srwynne@...>

The surname Czwal is the Polish pronunciation of Schwall. When Jews
in Galicia were compelled to take surnames by the Austrian government,
the surnames were to be in the German language. A small percentage of
Jews already had surnames....some derived >from the Polish language and
some >from other languages, including Yiddish and very occasionally,
Hebrew. Therefore, you can assume that the name was probably Schwall
while Galicia was Austrian. After the first war, some Jews became
active in Polish nationalist movements and adopted Polish spellings for
their surnames. Others did so for economic or social reasons. There is
a lot of information about Rzeszow residents within Gesher Galicia's
membership and there is a Rzeszow group that has produced an index to a
partial list of pre-1877 vital records of the Jews of the city.

Suzan Wynne
Kensington, MD

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