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I wonder if anyone can help me please.
I was born at the Royal Free Hospital in north London in 1955. my
mother lost many pregnancies before me and was eventually referred to
an obstetrician who told her to go home and put her feet up, which she
did! however she later developed pre-eclampsia which resulted in me
being delivered 6+ weeks prematurely by caesarean section. my mother
told me the obstetrician was a Polish woman, and I feel I owe her my
recently it dawned on me (well, while watching an episode of Foyle's
War) that she was probably a Jewish refugee and I wanted to find out
more about her.
my research points to the most likely candidate being Alina
Brewda-Bialostocki, an amazing woman who survived Auschwitz then
settled in north London, married a Polish lawyer Szymon Bialostocki,
and continued practicing as an obstetrician and gynaecologist.
however I cannot find definitive proof that she is the woman I am
looking for, i.e. that after the creation on the NHS she worked at
least part of the time at the Royal Free Hospital.
I have bought the book R.J. Minney wrote about her and it ends in
1947! the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists have no
information about her, but their archivist wants to find out more!
The Royal Free has no information, my birth records have disappeared
and my mother's records have been destroyed.
if any of you have any information about Alina, her husband, or any
Polish doctors working at the Royal Free after the war I would be so
grateful to hear >from you!
I must add that jewishgen have been so helpful in providing me with
advice and links to follow.
my name is Maria Gillott - I am using my husband's email account as I
have an nhs one and cannot change it to plain text.
you can get back to me via this email or via
many thanks

Maria Gillott

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