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I would like to make contact with any descendants of the scholar and
journalist, Israel (S'rol) OSMAN >from Wishkov Poland who lived/taught in
Lomza in his younger days.

The original family name of my great-grandfather Alter DAVIDSON (London,
England,UK) and his brother Abraham OSMAN (Glagow, Scotland, UK) was
ISMACH. The family were originally >from Lomza, Poland and their father
Isaac who was widowed (it seems a few times over) also came to London,
England later (according to family lore, the family had to pull him on a
rope >from the ship to where they were living at Davidson's bakery in the
East End of London). Dina/Diana (to become FREEDMAN), at the same time
sailed to Canada to join their other sister Leah DUBOFF and
brother-in-law, who were living there. This happened in early 1920s.

I doubt this scholar was related to my family - unless he also had
ancestors who had family name ISMACH - but he was more-or-less Abraham's
generation yet old enough to be his mentor in Lomza between years
1906-1909 when Abraham was between 14 and 17 years old.

A possible reason why Abraham might have anglicized the family name to
OSMAN instead of ISMACH, was because of this young scholar. At that
time S'rol OSMAN taught Torah - midrashim/aggadatot with Ein Yaakov etc.
from a more "modern" perspective and was given title "magid" because of
his very popular sermons that he delivered in the local synagogues
during that period. This information is primarily >from the Hebrew
edition of the Lomza Yizkor book p149 (image 169 on New York
Public Library online version) with age information >from his 1st world
war draft record as well as son Shelomo Menachem's marriage record in
Los Angeles, California, USA. Also see, regarding his later life, and the
comments there on the blog concerning the civil date of birth that was
documented in the encyclopaedia, >from where the blog was taken.

My great-great uncle Abraham named one of his sons Israel (Izzy) who is
buried in Australia, and most of his other siblings also called a son
with this name,  so this could quite easily have been the name of
Isaac's father (I do not have proof of this and to-date have not been
able to find Isaac's grave). When he thought of name Israel for his son,
he also might have thought of both the possible name of his grandfather
(if that was indeed the case) and at the same time of this scholar.

1) I would like to share the above with any descendants of the
journalist/scholar who are interested.
2) Obtain any further information concerning, especially the early days
of this scholar, that might give hint to my own family.
3) Anything that he wrote, that talked about his family (as this might
also give hint to my own family).

Unless the information is of general interest, please respond privately.

David Ziants, Ma'aleh Adumim, Israel
(>from Lomza, Lodz, Bialystok, Narewka, Warsaw), BARULA; GEWELBA, SINGER
(>from Warsaw); REINA, REINVELD, BRANDEL (>from UK and Netherlands
Ashkenazi); MICHAELS, VIEYRA (UK and Sephardi Dutch and all the related
Sephardi Dutch community).

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