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Evertjan. <exxjxw.hannivoort@...>

Avrohom Krauss wrote on 02 Nov 2018:

Odeda Zlotnick wrote: 'Would confirming the Kashrut of meat be done with
some kind of stamp? That would explain the "Siegler" (Zigler).

Confirming kashrut of meat with stamp was (and is) used in the form of a
metal seal known as a plumba.
However in German, 'ein Ziegler' is 'a brickmaker' or 'a tilemaker',

Ziegel m (genitive Ziegels, plural Ziegel) = brick

Ziegel f (genitive Ziegel, plural Ziegeln) = roofing tile


One could infer however [unsourced!],
that in the Jewish sense,
is was a kinui for 'Segal', a Levite name,
where an earlier 'Tsiegl' we misunderstood.

[btw: '[Marc] Chagal' is also >from 'Segal']

In Yiddish, I find 'der Tsigl', while 'die Tsigl' is 'the little goat'.


Evertjan Hannivoort.
The Netherlands.

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