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Diana da Costa

A few months ago I posted a query with regard to the whereabouts of an
on-line data base or publishable list for Salem Fields Cemetery in Brooklyn.
I had a great response and Individual emails of thanks have been sent to all
private messages hitherto received.

In short, there are no lists produced for the Salem Fields Cemetery
(administered by Temple Emanu-El in New York) which are in the public
domain. Individuals have made contributions to data bases such as
JewishData, FindaGrave and JOWBR but unfortunately my ancestors could not be
found on any of them although I know >from records that they are buried
there. For anyone else with ancestors buried at Salem Fields, it is worth
taking a look at the afore-mentioned websites in case your ancestors have
been included.

With all good wishes,

Diana (Mohr) Gomes da Costa, Kent UK - formerly >from London.
Researcher number: 166938. email address: dianadacosta@...

From: Diana da Costa [mailto:dianadacosta@...]
Sent: 20 August 2018

Does anyone know whether there is now an on-line database for Salem Fields
Cemetery in Brooklyn or whether there is a publishable list of those buried
there? The Cemetery belongs to Temple Emanu-El in New York.

With many thanks for any help, Diana (Mohr) Gomes da Costa, Kent UK -
formerly >from London Researcher number: 166938 Email address:

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