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Judy Vasos

Dear Jewish Gen Members,

I'm happy to let you know a book I've been working on for over a decade
- "My Dear Good Rosi, Letters >from Nazi-Occupied Holland, 1940-1943" -
has now been published and is available for $16.95 >from,
Barnes & Noble and through Ingram at Independent bookstores, libraries
and Jewish agencies.

The book tells a compelling story through letters, photographs and
historical documents of my husband's grandparents, Hugo and Clemy
Mosbacher and their efforts to escape Nazi terror. After fleeing their
long time home in Nuremberg, Germany for Holland, they prepared to sail
to the United States to join their daughter, Rosi who had arrived safely
in New York after leaving Nuremberg for London.

Just one day before departure, the Nazis invaded Holland, all visas were
canceled and the Mosbacher's lived under Nazi control for three years
until their arrest and deportation in 1943 to Auschwitz where they were
killed immediately. During their time in Amsterdam they rented a one room
apartment with kitchen privileges. Other family members in Amsterdam came
for simple Seder and birthday celebrations in an effort to create some
semblance of normalcy while the Nazi noose was tightening around them.
There even celebrated the wedding of a niece.

And they wrote over 100 letters to Rosi and their "beloved ones" -
letters filled with love, humor and anguish over their imposed separation.

Rosi saved the letters for over 70 years and although she shared photos
and documents with us, she couldn't let go of the letters - her last link
with her parents. We discovered them in her desk drawer while helping her
move shortly before her death.

It was like finding gold!

Hugo and Clemy's grandsons had never known them and usually referred to
them as their mother's parents. Grandparents were for others not them.

Reading the translated letters we now understand why Rosi often said "I
wish you'd known my parents, they were such good people."

I invite you to read this story and learn how Hugo and Clemy kept their
hearts open and loving during a time of extreme duress. It offers
inspiration as we face our own personal and political uncertainties today
and speaks loudly to "Never Again".
Thank you.

Judy Vasos
Historical Detective

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