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Sandy Calire <slcalire@...>

Would anyone kindly be able to provide some advice?

My Grandfather was born in Otwock, Poland in 1914 and my Grandparents were found on
the 1948 Warsaw Jews WWII survivors list. The United States Holocaust Museum found
a document that provided their parents names. I would like to find out more about
my Jewish ancestors, great-grandparents.

This week I was invited to a convention in Warsaw, Poland, August 5-13, 2019. It
will be my first trip to Europe and Poland. If I wanted to research additional
information about my ancestors, what would be the best way to approach this? I
have not found anything additional with the,,
jewishgen databases etc. The surnames are Rosenberg, Wasserstrum & Domb. Can
you recommend any services while I would be in Poland? Or advice as to
how to pursue additional research?

Thank you in advance for any help or direction you may be able to provide.


Sandy Calire

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