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The Sefer Yizkor le-Kehilot Shedlets (Memorial Book of the Community of Siedlce) is
the most extensive compilation of the Siedlce community of Poland before WWII.
Published in Yiddish and Hebrew, in Buenos Aires, 1956, the book reconstructs the
social, political, and religious fabric in this city of 15,000 Jews. The chapters
were written by the citizens and survivors of the city. They paint a thorough
picture of life there. Translating this book will open up this vital resource
beyond the Yiddish speaking community, and it will serve as a vital tool for
academics as well as genealogists.

This translation project is facilitated by They have overseen the
translation of many such books and avail the translations on their website. The
cost of translating this book has been set at $5000.00. We have raised $2000.00 so
far. Can you contribute $18.00 or $36.00 to insure that this work gets completed?
Here is the link for the book;
Here is the link to

David Mink

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