Re: Zurawns #galicia

Alexander Sharon <a.sharon@...>


This small town correct Polish name is Z'urawno (current Ukrainian name:
Zhuravno at 4915 2417). Before the war town was located in Zydaczow district
of Stanislawow Province. Town had 3,208 residents including 865 Jewish souls

Shtetl was indeed located near Stryy - distance 19 miles.

Alexander Sharon

Has anyone ever heard of a town called Zurawns? I found this town listed
the birth place of a David MOLDAUER in the Lwow Ghetto Database. Would it
possibly be (have been) near Stryy? That's where this man lived in later
years and that's where my gf Aaron MOLDAUER was from. I couldn't find
anything close to it in spelling on the Shtetlfinder.

Hennie Moldauer Greenland
Scottsdale, AZ

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