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Carol Cohen <cgandhc@...>

My grandfather Abraham WALDMAN, who was named for his maternal grandfather,
was born in 1871 and we think he was >from Kozovo, Austria-Hungary. We are
not sure where he is from, because while we know that my grandmother is
from a shteltl near Kozovo in Tarnopol, (now thanks to Galitzianers) called
Wiktorovka my grandfather's passport and citizenship papers only say
Poland, and my grandmother always said he was a Romanische (a Romanian).
His father's name was Samuel WALDMAN and he was married to Sarah Nanette
KONRAD. My grandfather was an only child. His father remarried after the
death of his mother, however, we do not know his second wife's name. We
believe she had two sons >from a previous marriage who later immigrated to
Canada. Samuel's father was Zelig and his mother was Rachel. My uncle
Morris WALDMAN was named for a relative Moshe. He felt it was on the
WALDMAN side, however, my grandmother WALDMAN's grandfather's name was also
Moshe. My father had four brothers and one sister: Morris, Sarah (Sadie)
Cohen, Samuel, Solomon (Charles), and William Aaron. I do know that there
was a very famous rabbi in the 17th or 18th century named Moshe WALDMAN.
My father, born in 1918, is the baby of the family and is still living.

Years ago, a cousin came to live with my father's family in New York before
they moved to Dallas, after her mother died. Her name was Dolly.
Later,she moved to Pennsylvania after her father remarried. I also know
that we have distant cousins on the KONRAD side named TEITELBAUM. They were
originally >from Philadelphia, and one of them lives in Dallas.

If you find any information relating to the above, I would be most grateful.

Carol Cohen
Dallas, TX USA

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