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Istsia is not listed in Galicia towns records.

1.It could be Usts'ye, pron. [uhs tsyeh]? Polish name of this town used to
Uscie, or some sources show Ujscie, which translates as an outlet (of the

This village of 800 people was (is) located in Zydaczow district near town
Mikolajow, Stanislawow Province on The Dniester River. ShtetlSeeker
identifies this town at 4931
2355 . On my detailed Ukraine map it is shown on the location where Shirka
River empties into Dniester River.

2.There is another town known in the past as Uscie nad Prutem (over River
Prut) in Sniatyn
district of Kolomyya (Kolomea) area, also in Stanislawoe Province. This
village had some 1240 residents, is identified as Ustsiye at 4828 2529

3. Another two Uscie were located in Tarnopol Province:

4. Uscie Biskupie (Bishop outlet) in Borszczow region and Uscie Zielone
(Green Outlet), but this was a pure German town in Buczacz region.

There are also couple of Uscie in Krakow area:
Uscie Ruskie in Gorlice district and Uscie Solne in Bochnia near Krakow

from those six Uscie (if my interpretation of the searched by your town name
Istsia is correct), you have to identify the area were >from your ancestors
have originated to pinpoint your shtetl.

Good luck,

Alexander Sharon
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I am seeking information (and alternative spellings) for the town of =
Istsia in the Galicia region of Austria-Hungary. I would be grateful =
for any guidance on the location of the town and its Jewish population.

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