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Miriam Kirshner

For those of you with interest in the shtetl of Lechowitz Ukraine, or nearby towns
like Kremenets and Yampol, take a look at this website: Lechowitz Ukraine now goes by the name of
Belogorye (Russian) or Bilohirya (Ukrainian). This is a completely different town
than the Lechowitz in Belarus, but frequently gets confused with that town. In
fact, vital records >from Lechowitz Ukraine are often lumped into those for
Lechowitz Belarus. Immigrants >from Lechowitz Ukraine often migrated to cities in
the American mid-west, especially Omaha Nebraska, Council Bluffs Iowa, and
St Louis Missouri. Others went to larger cities like Chicago and New
York, or to Palestine.

Miriam Kirshner
Researching CHEICHENITZ >from Lechowitz Ukraine and NOVOSELSKY >from Shepetovka

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