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Jeremy Schuman

I have a question about naming traditions that I'd like to seek people's opinion
A while ago, I discovered an old Russian record which indicated that my wife's
great-grandfather Asker Deggots (Hebrew name Yechezkiel ben Avraham) had an older
half-brother called Hatskel Leib Deguts, who was born in Russia about 25 years
before Asker was born. They had the same father but different mothers. I always
assumed that this older half-brother must have died before Asker was born, as
surely the father, Abraham Deguts, wouldn't have given the same Hebrew name to two
sons....however, this week, I discovered that a man called Leib Degutz emigrated
from Russia to the US in the 1890s. As the surname Deggots / Degutz is so rare
(perhaps unique?), it seemed highly likely that this Leib Degutz came >from the same
family as Asker. When I looked further into this, I discovered that Leib Degutz was
the son of an Abraham Degutz, and he was born around the same time as Asker's
half-brother Hatskel Leib Deguts . Could Leib and Hatskel Leib be the same person,
I wondered? Yesterday, I found a photo of Leib's daughter's gravestone, and this
gives the Hebrew name of her father as Yechezkiel Yehuda. As Leib is a common
Yiddish kinnui for Yehuda, it seems pretty certain that the Leib Degutz who went
to the US was indeed Asker's half-brother.

But is this possible??? Does anyone know if it has ever been common practice for
two sons to have the same Hebrew name at the same time? Does it make a difference
that they were only half-brothers, and one was Yechezkiel (known as Asker) while
the other was Yechezkiel Yehuda (known as Leib)?
Many thanks,
Jeremy Schuman

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