JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen New data added to All-Lithuania Database - 4th quarter update #general

Russ Maurer

The quarterly addition of new data to our All Lithuania Database (ALD) is
now searchable online at or through
JewishGen. The following is a summary.

The grand total of new lines of data is 32,594.

Revision List Template (28,001 lines): Conscription lists for Vilnius city
and suburbs, as well as for Sejny Uyezd of Suwalki gubernia; family lists
for towns in the Zarasai district. A unique list in this upload is the 1942
census of the Siauliai ghetto, 4,733 lines.

Tax / Voters Template (3,320 lines): A variety of records for towns in the
Panevezys and Zarasai districts, including tax and elector lists, passport
issuance records, real estate owners, and a list of reserve soldiers.
Also, a list of craftsmen for the Zarasai district.

Internal Passports (1,273 lines): Foreign passport applications for Vilnius

Please note that not all data in a particular template is actually data of
that specific type - e.g., in this upload, passport issuance records appear
in the tax & voter template; conscription lists appear in the revision list
template. Please look at all search results even if you don't think the
record type category is relevant to your search. You just never know what
you'll find.

Also, we note that all of these lists have been available to qualified donors
for at least the last 18 months. To become a qualified donor for a district or
project and gain first access to new translations, as well as spreadsheets
for past translations, please visit the LitvakSIG website, .

Happy hunting!

Russ Maurer & Eden Joachim

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