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Avrohom Krauss <avkrauss@...>

Can anyone tell me what is the yiddish version of Yehura? I discovered that
the inscription on my grandfathers headstone reads "Avraham ben Yehura"
is puzzling as I thought his father was called Leib! Has anyone else found
this problem?

*Undoubtedly, the headstone reads "ben Yehuda", as the letter "daled"
appears like the very similar letter "resh". Leib is Yiddish for 'lion", the
animal associated with Yehuda. Many with the name Yehuda were/are called
Leib in Yiddish. In fact many have the double name Yehuda-Aryeh (Hebrew) or
Yehuda-Leib. This has been discussed at length in JewishGen discussions and
could be found in their archives.
("Yehura" is an Aramaic word, meaning "haughtiness" and is used in the
Talmud for someone who flaunts his religiosity. Certainly this would not be
used as a personal name and fear not that it be bestowed upon your

Avrohom Krauss
Telz-Stone Israel

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