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Yvonne Stern

I would like to remind that the title of the Dictionary of Sephardic
Surnames - "Dicionario Sefaradi de Sobrenomes", has a sub-heading
that expands the content proposed in its title: "including New
Christians, Conversos, Marranos, Italians, Berbers and their history in
Spain, Portugal and Italy". The authors are Guilherme Faiguenboim,
Paulo Valadares and Anna Rosa Campagnano and the text is bilingual:
Portuguese and English.

The dictionary contains 17,000 surnames presented under 12,000 entries.
All names were used by the Jews who lived in Spain and Portugal for 15
centuries and later spread across the world
Hundreds of rare photographs, family shields and illustrations. It is
more than a dictionary; it also contains a 72-page summary of
Sephardic history, before and after the expulsion >from Spain and Portugal
and a 40-page linguistic essay about Sephardic names, including an
interesting list of the 250 most frequent surnames.

The dictionary itself has 274 pages and appendices: geographic
glossary, remissive index (replacing the soundex), a detailed list of
all 335 bibliographical sources on which the book is based. The period
covered by the dictionary is of 600 years, >from the 14th to the 20th
century. The researched area includes Spain and Portugal, France, Italy,
Holland, England, Germany, Balkans, Central and Eastern Europe,
the former Ottoman Empire, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt,
Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, North America, Central America
and the Caribbean, Brasil and orher South American countries,
(including colonial times), Australia and others.

The Dictionary was awarded the Best Judaica Reference Book (2003) by
the Association of Jewish Libraries..

The book was released in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on December 15, 2003, by
Fraiha Publishing House. SBN 8585989203 and 9788585989200,

Yvonne Stern
Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

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