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">from Chasidic Synagogue to Revolutionary Activity" >from the newly-updated
Yizkor book of Jadow, Poland is a different kind of story than many of those
which I have posted here. Max (Moshe) Goodman was the son of a Chasid, but
despite his father's hopes for him to grow up as a religious Jew, but he
found "yoke of Torah was too heavy" and ultimately his father, saying "one
can be a religious Jew and also be a worker" agreed he should learn a trade
that would "befit our family." Goodman went to Warsaw to apprentice as an
engraver. It was the time of the first Russian revolution in 1904-1905 and
he was exposed to the "great revolutionary events and general strikes in all
parts of Russia... and social movements of workers, students and scientists."
It was also a time of fierce pogroms, and Goodman would carry a weapon
with him to defend himself and fellow Jews. His association with the Zionist
movement and other political activities finally landed him in prison and
exile. But he did one day make his way back to Jadow, and by 1910, had settled
in America. His detailed account provides a unique portrait of the times.


Bruce Drake
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