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Alexander Sharon

Nancy Blodinger wrote:
Does anyone have information on, or connection to, Urbach family name specifically
from Wadowice. My Urbach family seemed to immigrate to the US (NY and New Haven)
at various times between 1890-1900 >from Wadowice but I cant seem to find any good
connection >from Wadowice. I know jews were not allowed to live in the city until
about 1860 and there were very few living there around 1900. They may have only
lived there a short time but I'm not sure.

According to 1900 Austro-Hungarian census, there were 15.4% of Jews in Wadowice. In
1921 number of town's Jews was even larger than before WWI - 20.9%.

Two Urbach immigrants >from Wadowice are listed in Ellis Island database: Isidor
Urbach, age 18 and Jakob Urbach, age, age 54, both have arrived in 1905.
In 1929 Poland Business Directory, two listings for Wadowice Urbach: M. Urbach,
owner of shoe store, and M.Urbach, owner of the general store.
JRI-P also lists 1929 Wadowice registered marriage record for Mojzesz Urbach.


Alexander Sharon
Calgary, AB

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