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Leslie Gyi <leslie.gyi@...>

I have the following names for this town >from my Ukrainian Maps.

I am told by my Ukrainian Researcher, a historian, that 'Kolomyia' is
probably the most correct transliteration >from Ukrainian into English. He
stated that 'Kolomyja' while on some older maps, is a more Polish spelling
of the name, and done by someone less literate. He reminded me that during
the former SFU, people employed to make maps were >from the military, and not
particularly educated nor literate.

I think we must remember that the 'legal' name of a location is set by the
current government of that geographical location. As for 'other' official
names, we should be creating databases that provide the legitimate name for
effectivity periods based on the governance of a particular country over
that location in the language official recognized by that government. We
need to be able to support the character sets for those languages, and we
need the 'official' transliteration into English to be accurate.

Leslie Gyi nee FEIG

Alan Weiser wrote in part:

I have great respect for the research and knowledge of Alexander Sharon. I
do not basically disagree with anything he has said. I beg to disagree with
the conclusion that Gesher Galicia (GG) should be defined by the
administrative divisions put in place during the interwar by Poland.

Less than a year ago I established a Research Group under GG with the
objective of gathering together people with a common interest in the Town of
Kolomea (Austria name; now Kolomyya Ukrainian name, and Kolomyja interim
Polish name). . .

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