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Joseph Walder <jswalder@...>

I am descended >from Itzhak Manev LUCHANSKY of Koshevata, Tarashcha uyezd, Kiev
gubernia, to use Imperial Russian administrative terminology. Itzhak Manev's
descendants who came to the United States settled primarily in the Midwest;
Philadelphia and Erie, Pennsylvania; New York City; and California.

Several months ago, I learned that there had been a lot of LUCHANSKYs who settled
in and around New London, Connecticut. Archival research with old Russian records
revealed that there were New London LUCHANSKYs descended >from three of Itzhak
Manev LUCHANSKY's brothers: Ios' Aron Manev, El' Manev and Moshko Manev. However,
I cannot trace all New London LUCHANSKYs to these three brothers. Unfortunately
Russian census records prior to the all-Russia census of 1897 tended to be male-

A curious wrinkle on the LUCHANSKY/New London story is that there were also some
immigrant Jewish families in New London named LUBCHANSKY. It appears that
LUBCHANSKY immigrants came >from Novogrudek, near Grodno, in what would have been
Russian Poland before WW1, Poland between the world wars, and the Belarusian SSR
after WW2.

I'm of course curious whether the LUCHANSKY and LUBCHANSKY families were related
in the old country, but I can't figure out how to explore that idea. Any
suggestions would be appreciated.

Joseph Walder
Portland, Oregon, USA

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