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I seem to have surprised myself by what we managed to achieve over
December in the Yizkor Book Project and the long list of new entries
and updates at the end of this report does bear witness to this.

I am pleased to say that, once again, we completely uploaded another
Yizkor book and this time for Monor, Hungary. Judith Lipmanson was
behind this project becoming a reality and we do thank her sincerely
for this. In addition, we were able to complete the online version of
the "Preserving Our Litvak Heritage" book which is also available as a
hard copy via the Yizkor Books in Print Project.

And regarding this project, it also provided some additional welcome
surprises for us - over the last month, no less than three new published
books became available. They are:

- The "Yekaterinoslav-Dnepropetrovsk Memorial Book" on the Dnipropetrovsk
(Dnipro), Ukraine community
- The "The Zbaraz Memorial Book" on the Zbarazh, Ukraine community
- The "Resistance and Death in the Czenstochower Ghetto" on the
Czestochowa, Poland community

I'm really in awe of this remarkable achievement by Joel Alpert's
dedicated team and wish them "yeshar koach" and, at the same time, thank
them for the wonderful books that they continue to publish on a regular
basis. By-the-way, purchase details of these and all the other published
books can be found on YBIP page, the link for which appears at the end of
this report.

Being that it is the end of 2018, it seems appropriate to note a few
facts and figures about our project. Within the Yizkor Book Project,
there are now:

- over 900 translation projects of which 154 are complete projects with
many others heading towards completion.
- 2,255 entries - which are complete articles covering particular
communities. Notably, many of these come >from the Pinkasei Hakehillot
(Encyclopaedias of Jewish Communities) volumes translated >from the
original Hebrew.
- 78 published books by the YBIP Project.

I don't wish to overwhelm you with too many facts & figures but at the
same time, do want you to appreciate the extent of the YB Project that we
volunteers and professional translators continue to make progress with,
month in and month out.

And now for the additions and updates are what we've carried out during

We have added in one new book:

- Torchin, Ukraine (Torchin, our lost but not forgotten town)

We have added in 10 new entries:

- Akmene, Lithuania (Preserving Our Litvak Heritage)

- Cekiske, Lithuania (Preserving Our Litvak Heritage)

- Erzvilkas, Lithuania (Preserving Our Litvak Heritage)

- Garliava, Lithuania (Preserving Our Litvak Heritage)

- Gelvonai, Lithuania (Preserving Our Litvak Heritage)

- Grinkiskis, Lithuania (Preserving Our Litvak Heritage)

- Kudirkos-Naumiestis, Lithuania (Preserving Our Litvak Heritage -
Volume I)

- Kybartai, Lithuania (Preserving Our Litvak Heritage - Volume I)

- Lazdijai, Lithuania (Preserving Our Litvak Heritage - Volume I)

- Seirijai, Lithuania (Preserving Our Litvak Heritage - Volume I)

And we have continued to update 24 of our existing projects:

- Balti, Moldova (Balti Bessarabia: a memorial of the Jewish community)

- Biala Podlaska, Poland (Book of Biala Podlaska)

- Czestochowa, Poland (Czenstochover Landsmanschaft in Montreal)

- Czyzew-Osada, Poland (Czyzewo Memorial Book)

- Jadow, Poland (The Book of Jadow)

- Jonava, Lithuania (Jonava On the Banks of the Vylia; In memory of
the destroyed Jewish community of Jonava)

- Kamyanyets, Belarus (Memorial Book of Kamenets Litovsk, Zastavye,
and Colonies)

- Kherson, Ukraine (Jewish Farmers in Russian Fields)

- Kovel, Ukraine (Kowel; Testimony and Memorial Book of Our Destroyed

- Kremenets, Ukraine (Memorial Book of Kremenets, Vyshgorodok, and

- Monor, Hungary (Bound by Fate: In Memory of the Jewish Community of

- Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki, Poland (Memories >from Nowy-Dwor)

- Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski, Poland (Ostrowiec; a monument on the ruins
of an annihilated Jewish community)

- Ozeryany, Ukraine (Memorial book, Jezierzany and surroundings)

- Przemysl, Poland (Przemysl memorial book)

- Rafalovka, Ukraine (Memorial book for the towns of Old Rafalowka,
New Rafalowka, Olizarka, Zoludzk and vicinity)

- Smarhon, Belarus (Smorgonie, District Vilna; memorial book and

- Stowbtsy, Belarus (Memorial volume of Steibtz-Swerznie and the
neighboring villages Rubezhevitz, Derevna, Nalibok)

- Suwalki, Poland (Memorial book of Suvalk)

- Svencionys, Lithuania (Svintzian region: memorial book of 23

- Tarnow, Poland (The life and decline of a Jewish city)

- Turobin, Poland (The Turobin book; in memory of the Jewish community)

- We want to live

- Wyszkow, Poland (Wyszkow Book)

Some important links to note:

- This month's additions and updates are flagged at to make it easy to find them.
- All you would like to know about the Yizkor Books in Print Project
- Yizkor Book Translation Funds
where your financial support will assist in seeing more translations go

Wishing you all a peaceful, successful and healthful 2019,
Lance Ackerfeld
Yizkor Book Project Manager

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