Where is LIPA located in Galicia? #galicia

gussie.steppel <gussie.steppel@...>

My name is Gussie Steppel and I have been enthusiastically researching =
my paternal family tree for well over a year now with some successes =
through the ideas, connections, thoughts, facts and figures etc. =
expressed and made through the medium of our discussion group!

On this occasion I need some help in locating the town of LIPA. I am =
told by a distant relative who contacted me through the JewishGen Family =
Finder that his particular STEPPEL branch came >from LIPA and that it =
could once be found in the region of Galicia! Help! Where is it?

Yours sincerely and with thank yous in advance

Gussie Steppel.

Researching & Searching for STEPPEL, BLAU & BLOOM.


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