Re: Seeking Shmuel Katz near Lvov #galicia

Alexander Sharon <a.sharon@...>


I can not assist you with the search for Katz family.
But I can help with the location identification. Shtetl Gologo(u)ry
(Gologury) [goloh gooryh] which means the "naked hills" is currently located
in Zloczow district (oblast') of Tarnopol (Ternopil) Province.Town name did
not change.

You are probably aware that JRI-P is conducting currently indexing for the
19th century AGAD Warsaw records, and their work has started with Tarnopol
Province. You might be able soon to search for Zloczow and Gologory records
on line.

Alexander Sharon

I am seeking information on Shmuel Katz in Gora Gura (Gologury?),
Galician Poland (now BelaRussia?) about 20 km East of Lvov

The town was known as Lemberg during A-H Empire.

I believe that he was either a Rabbi or >from a rabbinical family.

Shmuel (Seymour J.) Metz, SysProg and JOAT

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