Re: Statistics on Jews in Eastern Galicia - continued #galicia

Alexander Sharon <a.sharon@...>


It is unfortunate that my original posting concerning Jewish statistical
data in prewar Eastern Galicia and search for the actual figures of the
Jewish population has been sidetracked to the nationalistic squabble of the
Eastern European neighbors post WWI.

I have been awaiting >from Peter promised detailed data on 1921 and 1931
Poland census results and the clear definition of the "Jewish nationality"
term. I understand that person can be of Mosaic faith and Polish citizenship
(nationality). What in this case the Jewish nationality suppose to mean?
What is this definition is based on?

On a final note I strongly disagree with Peter that Versailles Treaty did
not deal with the borders issue. Peace Conference by dismembering four
Empires (incl. Ottoman) has de facto establish the birth of the national
states in the Eastern Europe, Balkans and in the Middle East, and has
designed their respective national borders.

I would also like to clarify that my Dad communicated in Hebrew to his
_first_ wife in prewar Poland, not to my Mom who spoke Yiddish.

I would like also to confirm that Peter and I have a good and friendly
relations, which does not mean that I share his view on the subject.


Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Alberta

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