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Barbara Mannlein <bsmannlein@...>

I'm looking for burial data on Sol GREEN (born Sylvan E. GREENWALD).

Syl was born 12 Sep 1901 in NYC and died 3 Jan 1969 at the Las Vegas (Nevada)
Convalescent Center.

He had been married to Beatrice Kay >from 1933 - 1955.

At the time of death he was wed to Virginia Richards Fawcett.

Green lived in Reno, Nevada >from 1947 to 1966 when he moved to Las Vegas.
During the late 1950s and early 1960s he became well known as a disc jockey
especially to "night people" listeners, his program being on the air for some
time in the early a.m.

I have found several 1-2 line* reports of his death, but have not been able to
determine his place of burial.

*A funeral will be held Monday at 10:00 AM at Bunker Brothers Mortuary in Las
Vegas with Rabbi Aaron S Gold officiating.

I have contacted every funeral chapel/mortuary and every cemetery in Las Vegas
to no avail.

BTW, his brother were Meier Greenwald, 1894 - 1977, and Melville "Spud"
Greenwald, a jazz musician, 1897 - 1971. They are equally elusive.

I suspect Syl may have been buried in California as his brother Melville lived
there in the 1960s.

Barbara Mannlein
Tucson, Arizona

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