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Hello. I am resending an inquiry about the Belson family >from Bookline, MA. When
searching my grandmother's name, Sarah Rose Belson Britt, an inquiry >from Elias
Savada came up. He was also searching on behalf of his aunt for information
about David Belson, whom I believe was Sarah's brother. I believe we're searching
for information about the same family.

Sarah Rose Belson happily married my grandfather, Michael Joseph Britt
(Catholic), however was disowned by her wealthy family in Brookline, MA
apparently due to his religion or his humble means according to her last
surviving son, now 90. Sarah had several siblings including a sister, Mae, who
would come to visit her in Concord, MA and later Acton in the late 1930s.
Happily married, Sarah and Michael (dedicated, diligent, and handsome husband)
raised nine children in West Concord, MA (later Acton), the last of whom was my
father, James, born in 1930 and died Christmas 2015. Their children include
Mary, Joseph, Bobby, Margie, Mabel, Doris, Helen, Eddie (alive), and James.
They all lived full lives except for Bobby who was killed in action in Holland
at just 22 years leaving his wife Dorothy and a baby girl. Bobby volunteered to
join the 501st Airborne Division (Screaming Eagles) during WWll. Sarah never
got over this loss. Sarah, surrounded by several of her family members, lived
until 88 years passing in 1974.

I would appreciate any I formation about Sarah Rose Belson's family including
her parents' names, country of origin (which might possibly have been St.
Petersburg, Russia), and living relatives.

Jessica Britt Beer

MODERATOR NOTE: Elias Savada posted the original inquiry to the JewishGen
Discussion Group in October 1997. Please send any contact information privately.

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