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Joachim Mugdan

Rod MacNeil asked about how to send a small amount of zloty to the National
Bank of Poland branch in Rzeszow.

There are numerous online payment services that will transfer the amount
from a Polish bank and charge your credit card. Methods, conditions,
exchange rates and fees differ considerably; some services offer a first
transfer for free. An Internet search for 'international money transfer
service' or the like will lead you to a number of surveys and comparison

A bank transfer >from abroad (even within SEPA, the Single Euro Payments
Area) is not advisable because the National Bank of Poland may charge a fee
for receiving the money so that the archive does not get the full amount.

The best solution is to open an account with a Polish bank that doesn't
charge any fees for online transactions - but you have to do that in person.
(The IAJGS conference in Warsaw last summer was a good opportunity to do

Joachim Mugdan
Basel, Switzerland
JGFF Researcher 5749

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