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Rafael: Can you elaborate a bit more on the Vienna migration mentioned
below? Why did this occur, and when did the trend accelerate? I have a
gaggle of Sternreich relatives who lived in Wisnicz in the early 19th
century and I am dumbstruck that they might have been Chasidim...it simply
never occurred to me to ask. Can you point me to any sources on these


Scott Seligman

Subject: Re: Visnice and Novy Sacz
From: Talner@aol.com
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001 07:08:12 EST
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The Village of Visnice (for some reason often confused with Vishnitz in
Bucovina) is in Western Galicia near Novy Sacz (Sanz) and near other famous
towns like Brezko. (Brigel in Yiddish), Liminov, Bochnia other villages too
numerous to mention. This is the area south of Krakow and west of Aushwitz
and was among other things near the great western Galicia salt deposits.

Many of those who have origins in this area had family who took part on the
great Vienna migration dating to the mid 19th century through the
period of the early 1930's. Some also ended up in Western Hungary and what
became officially known as Burgenland after 1921. ( the area in South
Austria famous for the Sheva Kehillot - The Seven Holy Cities, the most well
known of which is Eisenstadt). Many also came to America.

For those who actually have origins in Visnice, its virtually impossible
their ancestors were not Chassidim. By the 1870's this area was one of the
strongest Chassidic enclaves in all of Europe. Many if the inhabitants of
Visnice were in fact followers of the Sanzer Chassidic dynasty. I wish I had
more time to discuss this but I have to run. I hope this helps a little.

Good Luck

Rafael Guber

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