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Jan Meisels Allen

Harvard Library has a collection on voluntary immigration to the United
States 1789-1930. This period covers >from the signing of the US Constitution
to the start of the Great Depression. The digital collection of historical
documents emanates >from Harvard's libraries, archives and museums. The
collection includes over 400,000 pages >from 2,200 books, pamphlets and
serials; 7,800 photographs and over 9,600 pages >from manuscript and archival
collections. You can view the articles directly.

To access the collection go to:
Original url:

By placing the word "Jewish" in the search field there were many hits,
including correspondence, a list of old Jewish cemeteries in South Carolina,
reports >from United Hebrew Charities of New York City, Jewish musicians,
evidence of pogroms in Poland and Ukraine, Jewish Immigration to the United
States >from 1881 to 1910 and many more.

Please read the terms of use abut copyright and public domain content before
using any of the materials.

Jan Meisels Allen
Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee

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