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Dina Hill

Hi Everyone,

I finally had a huge breakthrough after so many years on the HILL
family who was CHIL and BERKOWICZ in the early 1800s in Radzanow and
Biezun, Poland (and Russia depending on when). The last names were
taken >from first names CHIL and Berek. It is thoroughly amazing how
many names!! I found a branch in Israel with the last name BENIAMINI
all coming >from the same ancestor CHIL who married Dwosza. They had a
son Berek Chil who was born about 1808.

Berek Chil married Rifka JOSKOWICZ (daughter of Josek and Dwojra). She
was born about 1816. She died on April 25, 1893, in Radzanow,
Mazowieckie, Poland.

Berek and Ryfka had the following children:

Chil Berkowicz. He married Cerka Miriam HERSZKOWICZ on November 25,
1857, in Radzanow, Poland.
Chana Chil was born on August 7, 1839. She married Szmul DAWIDOWICZ
on April 29, 1857 in Radzanow. He was born about 1839.
Szayna Chil was born on June 2, 1842 in Radzanow, Poland
Abram Hersz Chil also known as Abraham Hersz Berkowicz (he had two
last names) was born about 1843 in Radzanow, Poland. He married Sura
Pozmantier (daughter of Abram Moszek Pozmantier and Frajda KADECKI).
She was born in Biezun in 1844.

If anyone has any of these names >from these towns in their trees,
please contact me.

Also, I would like someone to please explain how and why they had two
last names. I can figure out that when Beniamin-Majer Chil immigrated
to Israel before the Holocaust, his son most likely changed the
surname to Beniamini. How can I find out how that happened?? How can
I research in Israel??

This is a major breakthrough finally getting to know Aaron Joseph Hill
(as he was known in the USA) in Poland and his siblings most of all.
One who went to Israel. I was in contact with one of the descendants
on Facebook but her English isn't great so she can't help me find out
who her grandfather was. Someone with the name Khanoh Beniamini
filled out Pages of Testimony at Yad Vashem for the Chil family.

I am also looking for descendants of Dvora Nebenhaus or Nebenhauz,
another Chil submitter for Pages of Testimony. She is deceased so I
would like to find her family in Israel. She is another piece to this

Best Regards,

Dina Aptekar Hill


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