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Felissa Lashley

Hello all. My paternal grandfather, Nathan DORBIN/DROBITSKY/DRUBITSKY
from the Cherkassy area of the Ukraine had a nephew named Sol
MEISTROFF. Sol's mother was my grandfathers sister, Malke. In what we
know of the family, there is a note that she might have married Aaron
SATLOFF/SATLOW. However that does not explain the MEISTROFF name.

Sol MEISTROFF lived in Lincoln Nebraska and St. Joseph Missouri after
coming to the U.S. I remember him very fondly in this American Legion
garb with a cane after serving in WW I. I can find records of his
troop movements but nothing as to his fathers name or any siblings.

I simply do not know where to turn next. His tombstone does not have
any information. I would so appreciate any assistance.
Thank you very much.

Felissa Lashley
Austin, TX

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