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Dina Hill


I am hoping that someone here is familiar with old Polish cursive
writing to translate these documents for me. Normally, I would use
Google Translator but the writing is difficult for me.

I hired a researcher in Poland and he sent me these. He told me it
was about land that my grandmother went back to claim in Chrzanow
Lubelski after the Holocaust. My maternal grandmother was Slawa
Chamita. My maternal grandfather Herszket Tzvi Chamita (died in the
Holocaust) owned the land with his brother, and I believe the other
piece of land belonged to my uncle Mendel Chamita who was killed in
the Holocaust.

This means so much to me to have this, but I wonder what happened to
the land after. Was my grandmother able to sell it or did the Poles
just take it over??

I look forward and hope that someone can translate them for me.

Dina Aptekar Hill

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