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Bruce Drake

It all came to a head when a poor Jew, wife of a wagon driver, brought
a chicken with a broken wing to one of the rival Hasidic rabbis in
town. After he initially pronounced it "treyf," he saw the tears in
the woman's eyes, took it into his kitchen, came back with a chicken
in hand and "said with joy: 'Yes, the chicken is kosher.'" (As you'll
see, there's a twist to what the rabbi did). This exacerbated the
already heated rivalry between the two Hasidic dynasties and their
rabbis in Czyzewo, Poland. Insults had been hurled between their
followers who, at one point, came to blows. I should stop and note
that this account, >from "The Great Peace" in Czyzewo's Yizkor book, is
subtitled "A folk tale about Czyzewo in the past." But even if
imaginary or embellished, it certainly reflects the competition among
Hasidic groups that is described in other Yizkor books. And it makes
for good reading.


Bruce Drake
Silver Spring MD

Towns: Wojnilow, Kovel

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