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David Scriven

Dear All,

My great-uncle, Wolf Kramarov (later Ze'ev Carmi), writes in his
autobiography that when he arrived in London >from Amsterdam he was
met by "an emissary of some charitable institution, Schlater", where
apparently he stayed for eighteen days in order to find his feet in
this new country.

Unfortunately, his time was there unsuccessful and after failing at a
number of jobs, in despair and destitute, he decided to return to his
native Russia >from whence he had fled to escape conscription. By
chance he came across another charity which he refers to as the
"Board". and there three English gentleman listened to his story and
gave him money to return, which he did - steerage class to Hamburg.
However, he never returned to Russia, but instead ended up in Galicia,
where he met my family and married my grandmother's older sister.

Does anyone recognize these charities (the names are translated >from
Hebrew) and, if so, would there be any records of my great-uncle's

Second, is it likely that there would be a record of his trips by
ship to and >from London?

David Scriven

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