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David Scriven

Thank you, everyone, for your responses. Some of you have requested
that I report back. The consensus opinion is that the two charities
involved are the "Poor Jews Temporary Shelter" and "The Jewish Board
of Guardians".

I have accessed the database of the shelter kept at the University of
Cape Town: but have
been unable to find any mention of my great-uncle. However, the great
majority of records seem to represent people passing through on their
way elsewhere and, at least on the pages I saw, there were a very large
number having birthplaces in Lithuania and none >from Russia, so I have
to wonder if this is the correct charity (or the database is not

My great-uncle writes that he was smuggled out of Russia to escape the
Tsar's army (conscription was increased because of the Russo-Japanese
war) but had only enough money to pay for transit to England. Once out
of Russia he wrote that they (a group of twelve) were handed over to an
agent (named Lavono) and made their way to London via Rotterdam. He was
astonished that they could cross European borders without anyone paying
any attention to them (which was a good thing - he had no passport).
They were met by an English Jew (whose Yiddish my great-uncle found
difficult to understand) and were taken to the charitable institution
(Shelter?)where they had to give information to the clerks as to their
"financial situation, our professions abroad, chances of working, etc."

I'll see what I can find out about records in the "Jewish Board of

David Scriven

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