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Jan Meisels Allen

European Jews scattered across Europe and elsewhere with the rise of Nazis
in Germany. One place the Jewish refugees fled was to the Kitchner Camp in
England, near Sandwich, created in early 1939. The camp housed 4,000 German,
Austrian and Czech male refugees between February 1939 and when it closed in
May 1940. Inmates were only accepted if they could prove they were in
transit elsewhere. There are no records who left England or where they went.
Many went to North and South America.

A website has been created to provide information about the men who passed
through the Kitchner Camp. Information includes a list of names,
photographs. Documents, letters and more. The website may be access at: and will be run by the Weiner Library in London.

If you know someone who passed through the Camp they would like to hear from
you. Please share any documents you may have at:
Original url:

To read more including what the German Jewish authorities required to be
selected for the camp see:
Original url:

Thank you to Saul Issroff for sharing the information with us.

Jan Meisels Allen
Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee

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