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Claudia Kugelmass

I'm helping someone find information about her grand and greatgrandparents.
Known: Dora (possibly also SUGARMAN) was born in 1900 in Austria. Dora's mother
died in childbirth; father was in the Polish army. At age 13 (1913), Dora was sent
to the U.S. Dora married Samuel SUGARMAN in Baltimore, Md. in around 1917. They
had one child, Lillian, born 1818.

At some point - likely not longer after - Dora, with her daughter only, moved to
Canada. Samuel SUGARMAN is said to have died young of meningitis. I've verified
that Dora's expatriation was processed in 1938 and she applied for Canadian

I can't find anything about Samuel SUGARMAN >from Baltimore.

I am fully aware that I'm tossing out a story with little detail hoping for a
Thanks in advance.

Claudia Kugelmass

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